A Gentle Introduction to XML

These tutorials introduce a variety of XML topics including, SVG, DTD, Schema, and XSL.

Each topic includes a number of problems that the student must complete. For all of the problems the student has access to online parsers that process the students answers and give immediate feedback.

Document Type Definition

A DTD describes an XML application. An XML documents may be validated against a DTD. The DTD specifies the elements that may be included, how they may be nested and what attributes each element may have.

XSD Schema

A schema may be used to validate an xml document. Schema perform more or less the same function as a DTD - they do it better but are considerably more complex. All of the tools used are freely available.

Extensible Stylesheet Language

An XSL sheet describes the transformation of an XML document. The XSL transformation involves matching nodes against templates. The XSL transformation may use XPath expressions.

Scalable Vector Graphics

SVG is an example of an XML application. Using SVG we can create images made up of lines, shapes and text.

The web interface is convenient for beginners however more ambitious students should be able to install the tools and run the examples from their own machines.