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A Gentle Introduction to xml

XMLzoo: A Gentle Introduction to xml

Planet Node: ATTLIST with CDATA and ID

We revisit the planet XML applications. This time we take a data oriented approach, most of the details are stored in attributes rather than as text.


We use ID attributes and reference them with IDREF attributes.

ATTLIST #REQUIRED, #IMPLIED, defaults and enumerated types

We can allow attributes to be mandatory or optional, we can specify default values. We can force values to be chosen from a list.

Using entities

We may define a % entity - this allows us to define fragments and reused them in our DTD.

Using XHTML 1.1

The most important XML application ever is HTML. We take a brief look at this monster DTD and write some valid HTML.

The Dublin Core

The Dublin core is a standard for referencing matrerials. We can write documents to that standard.

Using modular xhtml

XHTML 1.1 is modular. We can take bits of it and incorporate them into our own DTD.

Using modular xhtml II

We can augment XHTML with out own custom tags.

Using modular xhtml III

We add and subtract bits of XHTML

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